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Pecos Insurance Center

Pecos Insurance Center

Service Center

If you want to make change to your policy, please visit our online Service Center or come to our office.

For your convenience, we publish some of companies' customer service phone and links to make payment online.   

Be caution, always make payment before due date to avoid lapsed in coverage. Some companies do not have grace period, coverage expires on due date at 12:01 am. For example, on 1/1/2000 12:01 am expiration, when you walk into our office at 10 am on that date, you do not have coverage at that time until you make payment to reinstate the policy. Some companies allow to reinstate with lapsed in coverage, some companies reinstate coverage without lapsed but insured has to sign no loss statement and submit it along with pictures of the vehicle if full coverage.

Beginning Feb 1, 2010, You will be fined $250 for no insurance, no grace period. Click to NV DMV web site for more detail.

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