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ACA Major Medical Plans

As of Jan 1, 2014 Every American is required to own health insurance ( ACA Qualified Plan). The question is, What are the options?

On-Exchange (Subsidy or Tax Credit) - subsidized health plan through the federal governtment. People who makes less than $40,000 typically will qualify for these plans.

Off-Exchange ( Private) -  Private health insurance for indivduals who make more than $40,000 ( family's income above 400% of FPL). Those plans are sold directly through insurance company. 

We can help you to get covered from one of insurance companies: Assurant, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Plan of Nevada, Sierra Health. All plans have same essential health benefits. The Major differences are price and network. Most of On-Exchange Plans are within HMO network, limited doctors and hospitals, Rx list. If you want to have flexibility in selecting providers and travel out of State, PPO plans are the way to go.  if you have your favorite doctors and hospitals, you need to check with them to see what network they accept, either HMO or PPO before you enroll. 

How to enroll?

If you are sure that you qualify for medicaid or subsidy, you can go to ACA Quote. Register your online account. During the application, You will be asked if anyone help, you may select that you have help from " broker/agent", FFM user ID: ChaoxiaYuan, NPN number: 6812818. it will allow me to help you if you have issues in the future.

Do I qualify to save on health insurance coverage? go to Subsidy Quick Check Chart.  You can go to carrier to get rates, estimates your subsidy and apply online too.

If You know you do not qualify for subsidy, you may go to carriers site to get rates and apply online.

Get Rates and Apply directly with carriers

Click to Apply Assurant Health logo ( only company offers PPO network for On-Exchange ) - On-Exchange and Off-Exchange plans are available. if you miss open enrollment, you can apply for up to 6 months short term medical coverage.

Health insurance for individuals and families 

  • Savings through extensive doctor and hospital provider networks
  • Choose your own doctors, with no referrals needed for specialists
  • Broad major medical coverage and strong financial protection
  • Immediate benefits for preventive care, even before you meet your deductible
  • Meets Minimum Essential Coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act


  Click links below to download rates, benefits and Applications. Paper Application is for Off-Exchange only, providers network from HMO and PPO. Apply online for On/Off Exchange, On-Exchange provider is with HMO network. Register to manage your coverage online @YOURSevice.

2015 ind Application w new plans 093014
2015 My HPN Solutions Rates -Area 234 Northern NV
2015 My HPN Solutions Rates -Area 1 Clark and Nye County
2015My SHL Solutions Rates Area 1 clark and nuy county - Silver Gold Platinum
2015 My SHL Solutions Rates Area 1 Clark and Nye County-Catastrophic Bronze
2015 My SHL Solutions Rates Area 234 Northern NV - Catastrophic Bronze
2015 My SHL Solutions Rates Area 234 Northern NV - Silver Gold Platinum

Unitedhealthcare UnitedHealthcare logo - Free Online Healthcare Quote.

Click on to quote and apply online for ACA major medical ( On / Off Exchange) and short term medical ( 30 days to 6 months coverage. Next day coverage is available.
Click here to download Anthem Dental Rates and Application.

Lower your taxes and health insurance premiums: What makes an HSA-compatible health insurance plan so special? Unlike the health insurance plan you currently have, these plans offer benefits thet could save you even more money.

Click on to quote and apply for major medical ( Off-Exchange only) . You will be asked if anyone help, you may select you have help from " broker/agent", FFM: ChaoxiaYuan, NPN: 6812818. it will allow me to help you if you have issues in the future. if you prefer to do it tranditional way by completing paper application, let us know.

We are here to help if you have any quesiton. Email:, text to 702-747-3454.


Warning > Avoid The Uninured Penalty <

in 2015 the uninsured penalty will substantially increase and individuals without creditable health insurance coverage will face a penalty equal to the greater of : $325 oer adult, $162.50 per child, with a maximum of $975 for a family or 2% of modified adjusted gross household income.

Humana Dental and Vision Plans

Dental Preventive Plus Plan (PPO): as low as $15 - $21 a month

  • No copayments, and deductibles starting at just $50
  • Coverage for most preventive care services like routine cleanings after applicable copayment
  • Over 130,000 in-network dentist locations nationwide, and freedom to go out of network
  • Download plan summaries

Vision Focus Plan: as low as $15 - $18 a month

  • $100 retail frame allowance plus $115 allowance for elective contact lenses
  • 100% coverage for comprehensive exam after $10 copayment, and for eyeglass lenses after $25 copayment
  • Discounts on laser vision correction procedures
  • Download plan summaries
Quality Dental Coverage For Individual and Group.




    • Individual dental insurance coverage
    • Group dental insurance plans - Guaranteed Low Rates!
    • More Voluntary dental insurance plans
    • Traditional dental insurance plans
    • Participating Provider Organization (PPO) dental plans
    • 90th Usual & Customary Reimbursement Plans (“Indemnity Plans")




  • Options for no waiting periods on major services
  • Electronic enrollment
  • Orthodontia dental benefits for both adults and children
  • Annual maximum rollover benefit (Dental Rewards® for individual dental plans and for group dental plans)
  • 235,000+ PPO access points for dental care nationwide - one of the largest, unique dental networks in the U.S.
  • Optional vision benefits
  • Takeover down to 3 lives
  • Prescription savings at select pharmacies

Cash is King.  Thousands in Cash to help you through serious illness or injury.


We're excited to share a new type of insurance that can complement your health care benefits.

Guarantee Issue Plans! Exclusions and Limitations Apply.

4 Plans start $34.95 for signle, $51.95 for family. See below for more rates.


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